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Let's Pray

1st April @10:10am

So if at 10:10am (John 10:10 – he comes to give life) on the 1st April we could all stand together and pray, pray that the tide will turn for good, hope will replace fear, life will replace death and healing will come to our nation, and the world. If we as his people humble ourselves pray & seek his face … he will hear us from heaven … and heal our land.


So on the 1st let’s joined together at 10:10 am. Let’s set our alarms!! FaceTime, zoom or even Facebook live with friends, family, our small groups or larger church community, and stand together to pray that God will intervene on our behalf. In doing so something will defiantly change.


I have send you a poster for you to share on all your social media platforms. Please do feel free to just copy and paste this message, to send to you friends and family to do the same.


Together we will make a difference.

GCV Youth Camp From June 9 to 14th 2020

Youth Summer Camp

June 9-14th, 2020

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Vacation Bible School - Concrete & Cranes

Jun 1 - 5, 2020 @ Regent Pavillion

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