18 Inch Journey


Ryan Rodriguez is our youth pastor and one of our worship leaders on Sunday mornings. He is about to embark on an exciting opportunity to develop himself and deepen his spiritual roots. We would like you to join us in supporting Ryan and his time at the 18 Inch Journey in North Carolina.

Words from Ryan:

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been accepted by a highly sought after discipleship school called the 18 Inch Journey. This doesn’t mean that I’m leaving the Gathering family, but I will be gone September through the first part of November. If you know the song No Longer Slaves, then you’ve heard one of the teachers and founders of the 18 Inch Journey School, Jonathan Helser. Along with his wife, Melissa, they’ve created a place for people with a heart to grow, not only in knowledge of God, but also in intimacy with the Father. This is accomplished by getting out of the busyness of life and being extremely intentional every day. There are 12+ hours a week devoted to creative arts such as writing, working in a music studio, songwriting, and photography. There are only about 30-35 students accepted each term, so the school is very intentional in developing every student and doing that within the context of community.

I want to always be in a place of growth, constantly chasing after the Father, and developing the gifts that he’s given me. This is an amazing opportunity to do just that, but I need your help in support for this endeavor.  I ask for your prayer support, and I need to raise $4,000 by August 3rd to cover the cost of the program. Your gift of any size will help, and I would be an honored to receive your blessing.

If you would like more information, I would love to meet with you and answer any questions that you may have.

[email protected]

  1. What is the 18 Inch Journey?

18 Inch Journey is a non-traditional school devoted to the process of living a wholehearted and Holy Spirit-empowered life.  The 18 Inch Journey will impart what it means to move beyond ideas about God and into truly experiencing Him in daily life.  The program primarily focuses on discipleship, creativity and community.

  1. Who runs the school?

          The school is ran by Jonathan and Melissa Helser, the Cageless Birds and other guest speakers.

  1. Why me?

          I have a strong passion for creative arts, music, worship, songwriting, ministry and even woodworking. In just about everything I do I try to find some way to be creative and think out of the box. I believe that the 18 Inch Journey is the next step in the process of my creative discovery. I want to chase after God with everything that I am and share that with those that I share life with wether it’s the students that I lead in ministry, those that I lead on a Sunday morning or anyone that I come into contact with throughout the week. I believe that as I develop myself, it will directly affect those that I minister to.

  1. Would you like to know more?

          You can find more information at www.18inchjourney.com/2020-phase-one.